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Frequency Asked Questions

What is an E-Book?

An E-Book is a digital Book.

Will I finally learn how to approach with women? like texting them?

Not only will you have the ability to approach women but they will be approaching you.

This isn't just a regular advertisement for an UM ebook.
We will help all of you to grow.
That's our mission.

All of your questions will be answered in the ALPHABOOK.
It shows you EVERYTHING you need to become a real man.
No exceptions.
- Exclusive strategies to get loyale women
- Knowledge that every real man
MUST know
- Activation of your masculine aura

Who should buy it?

Men who face daily problems, such as p*rn addiction, getting rejected by women, inconsistency, depression, etc.

But also for men who simply want more from life. Men who one day want to build a strong family.

How many pages?

155 Pages filled with useful content

I not sure if I should buy it for 14,90$

Actually I thought of making the price higher.
Yesterday I've read the finale version of the ALPHABOOK and I am absolutely stunned how good it is.
There is so much knowledge, practically strategies, traningplans, businessplan, ways to get women on a date and so much more.
The ALPHABOOK is actually underpriced as hell. But as Im a man and we already said it will be 14,90$ we will keep our word.
So seize this chance.
Take a one time investment or waste your money on useless stuff.

Which chapter is the best?

Depends on your current situation.
If youre not confident
->Chapter 3 „Confidence of an Alpha"
If you dont know how to talk to girls.
-> Chapter 4 „Strategies to speak to women"
If you dont have any knowledge in business
-> Chapter 12 „Money Mind
- Finally understand money"
And so on...

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